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Apprenticeship for employers

Registered Apprenticeship: Business’ proven solution for recruiting, training and retaining world-class talent

How apprenticeships work

Apprenticeships fit nicely in the building trades, but also in technology, healthcare, manufacturing and more. Registered Apprenticeship is flexible, customized and integrated in your workforce strategy.

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Find out more about apprenticeship models, registering your program and federal resources in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Quick-Start Toolkit for employers.

Registered Apprenticeship focuses on the way people develop skills: through hands-on and formal training.

Registered Apprenticeship starts with an open job in your business.

Paid training
Apprentices work, train and get a paycheck for 1 to 5 years during on-the-job training.

Related supplemental instruction
Apprentices complete a minimum of 144 hours of related supplemental instruction (RSI) each year outside the workplace to gain theoretical and technical knowledge.

Employer sets incremental wage increases for apprentices as knowledge and skills grow.

When training is complete, apprentices receive an industry issued, nationally recognized credential.

Smart strategy...

These employers rely on Registered Apprenticeship to support their workforce.

"Registered Apprenticeship provides an avenue for attracting workers, a training ground for new employees and careers for our valuable staff." - Michael Lee, President, Lakeside Industries


"Apprenticeship is the foundation of our construction and service workforce. For decades, we have depended on the skills and culture our skilled workforce learns while serving an apprenticeship."
- Mark Webster, Executive VP and COO, Macdonald Miller Facility Solutions