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Looking for a career?

Welcome to manufacturing

Looking for a career?

Welcome to manufacturing!

Career opportunities in manufacturing provided through in partnership with the Association of Washington Business (AWB), Washington’s designated manufacturing association.Washington Manufacturing Association logo
From constructing the best airplanes in the world to producing first-class textiles, today’s manufacturing careers are high-tech and diverse. And, the sector offers hands-on workers of all ages family-wage jobs with pathways for career growth.
Manufacturing's Impact Manufacturing supports 282,000 Washington jobs. Learn more.

Changed lives...

These people have found fulfilling and sustainable careers in manufacturing.
Lisa Bliven
Lisa Bliven, human resources specialist, Zodiac Aerospace

"Aerospace manufacturing is an exciting sector of work. The career opportunities are numerous, whether you’re a high school graduate with little to no experience or a degreed professional. Best of all, there’s room to grow and advance your career."

Nathan Cassou
Nathan Cassou, machinist, Precision Cast Parts

"Manufacturing teaches you to problem solve every single day, which is very gratifying. You must be able to set up the machine and account for what happens next. The machinist must be very mindful of everything with a good attention to detail."

Kasandra Hill
Kasandra Hill, production machinist, aerospace industry

"Manufacturing gives me the opportunity to learn new things and challenge myself. It has provided financial stability for my family and most of all, I have a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day."

Matt Washburn
Matt Washburn, training manager Aerospace AMT

"I love working with my hands and the sense of accomplishment when completing a job. I'm building parts that build an airplane and that's pretty cool."

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