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1st SFG (A) LREC Language Instructional Developer (LID)

Yorktown Systems Group - JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD, WA

Posted: 3/2/2024

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1st SFG (A) Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Instruction (LREC) Language Instructional Developer (LID)



The 1st SFG (A) LREC LID ensures that the foreign language Program of Instruction (POI) delivery achieves and/or exceeds goals and expectations by coordinating and facilitating delivery of new, existing, or modified curriculum, manages, monitors and enforces deadlines and learning management system, coordinating speakers, and serving as a liaison for Government LREC manager, faculty and students. Simultaneously, s/he assists in the educational evaluation oversight of students, faculty and the curriculum and ensures the quality of the student's educational process and their progress by overseeing testing, tracking individual student academic performance and curriculum data.  The LREC LID normally performs in support of a Senior LID or in a smaller Government program with 1 to 2 different languages and regions of concern.


Specific duties may include:

Support management of the Special Forces advanced LREC training program to include recommending and executing approved POI improvements, training materials and methodologies in order to continuously improve program effectiveness.

Assess and analyze LREC training programs of instruction/curriculum to enhance the effectiveness of language and culture acquisition at novice, intermediate, and advanced levels, recommend improvements, and implement approved recommendations.

The Analyst shall collect and maintain copies of all current 1st SFG (A) novice, intermediate and advanced LREC training programs of instruction, language education curricula, syllabus, and lessons plans.  Ensure availability of these materials to all 1st SFG (A) units and external GOVT programs.

Conduct consolidated gap analysis or all training curriculums and materials and report this information to the GOVT lead.  Annually document best practices and compliance with applicable LREC training guidance and policy.

Analyze after action reports (AAR) from each Special Forces, Civil Affairs and Military Information Support Operation Groups' LREC training course of instruction, testing data, and other information in order to produce consolidated reporting on the identified recommendations concerning the 1st SFG (A) LREC Training Program.


Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum Mandatory Training Development Experience:  Must have conducted needs assessments using a variety of assessment methods, and must have designed and developed synchronous and asynchronous learning, developing blended learning solutions, developing project plans, managing multiple projects, meeting project deadlines, communicating with stakeholders, and working in a team environment.

  • Master’s degree in Higher Education, Organization Development, Psychology or related field with at least 5 years of progressively responsible professional work and administrative experience. At least 2 years of recent (completed within the last 18 months), experience teaching foreign language or developing language curriculum at the secondary level or higher (a minimum of 200 classroom hours) OR At least 6 years of recent (completed within the last 18 months), related experience teaching or developing language curriculum at the secondary level or higher (a minimum of 600 classroom hours) and a master’s degree. OR At least 6 years of recent (completed within the last 18 months), related experience teaching or developing language curriculum at the secondary level or higher (minimum of 12 week course), a bachelor’s degree and documentation showing that the instructor taught at least three 3-6 month courses in ILR 1 to ILR 2 or 6-9 months in ILR 2 to ILR 3 to military students and the average test scores exceeded the goal by at least a half point (i.e. 2+/2+ for a 2/2).


    English Language Qualifications. Completed formal study of the English Language and achieved the score indicated on any of the below: 

    1) At least ILR level 2+ as measured by DoD test. 

    2) A score of 573 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) PBT, or TOEFL iBT score as follows: 89 minimum overall and at least 21 each in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

    3) A score of no less than 89 on the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test.

    4) At least a proficiency level 2+ or Advanced-High (ACTFL) on an OPI.




    Target Language Qualifications. Senior Instructor will possess general professional proficiency (a language rating of ILR level 3 or ACTFL Superior) or higher in the specified foreign language. Proficiency will be demonstrated by one of the following: 

    1) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or 2-skill OPI from the DLIFLC.

    2) An interview certified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

    3) Defense Language Proficiency Test.




Secret clearance required upon entry into position



Lewis-McChord, WA 



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