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Volunteer Opportunity: Deadly Force Review Board - Community Representative

City of Tacoma - Tacoma, WA

Posted: 1/15/2024

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The City of Tacoma is seeking members of the Tacoma community willing to serve as Community Representatives on the Deadly Force Review Board (Board) on behalf of the Tacoma Police Department. Community members already a part of the Citizens' Academy (current and former) are strongly encouraged to apply.
ALERT: This is a reposting of the Volunteer Opportunity: Deadly Force Review Board recruitment posted in October 2023. If you already applied on that announcement, you do not need to reapply.

The Tacoma Police Department recognizes the need to review thoroughly all applications of deadly force by its officers. The primary purpose of the Board shall be to review the investigation and determine if the application of deadly force was within Department policy. The Board may also examine significant training and equipment issues. The Board shall report its findings to the Chief of Police. These findings may include recommendations to further investigate certain aspects of the attendant circumstances.

The Board consists of six voting members and a non-voting chairperson. The six voting members consists of two management representatives, two union representatives and two members of the community. Community representatives must reside within the city limits of Tacoma. Of the community representatives, one will be selected from the specific sector where the deadly force incident occurred and on selected at-large.
This position will require the community representative to pass a department/agency background check and attend identified training that is relevant to officer involved deadly force incidents. The Non-Law Enforcement Community Representative must sign a binding confidentiality agreement at the beginning of each police use of deadly force incident investigation.
Note: this is a non-paid, volunteer position. 

City of Tacoma Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
Tacoma's diversity is its greatest asset. Tacoma embraces its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic character. Communities of color and immigrant communities are fundamental to Tacoma's entrepreneurial spirit, workforce, and long-term success. In Tacoma, equity and empowerment are top priorities, meaning that all Tacoma residents must have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential and share in the benefits of community progress. We actively work to eliminate racial and other disparities and welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds and/or multicultural skill sets and experiences. Our goal is for Tacoma to be an inclusive and equitable place to live, work, and play.

Transforming Tacoma
The Tacoma Police Department is a proud participant in Transforming Tacoma; actively working to develop pragmatic, specific recommendations and reforms that theTacoma Police Department and the City of Tacoma can implement to strengthen the Tacoma Police Department’s relationship with Tacoma’s community; ensure that the Tacoma Police Department’s activities and operations are safe, just, effective, lawful, and consistent with national, best, emerging, and transformational practices. For more information about this effort, please visit the website.
Job Type: Volunteer/Intern
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Agency: Tacoma Police Department

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