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Orchard Park - Bellingham, WA

Posted: 5/22/2024

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Orchard Park -

Performs Room cleaning of Bathrooms, living area, Kitchen area, sweeping and mopping of floors, Vacum if carpet is in the room.  light Dusting of resident itmes. Laundry personal and Bedding, towels, etc.  general Cleaning of common areas, plubic restrooms, restocking of sluppies. 




  • Current Licensed Certification
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand English.
  • Current CPR Certification and First Aid.
  •  Ability to relate positively, effectively and appropriately with residents, families, community member and all levels of personnel.
  •  Knowledge of universal precaution

Physical requirements:

  • Free of communicable Disease.
  • Meet facility policies and procedures regarding necessary.
  • Meet the following Criteria:

Example (Criteria=0) 0- Not at all

  1. Occasionally (1%-33%)
  2. Frequently (34%-66%)
  3. Continuously (67%-100%)

Bending/Stooping=3 Reaching above shoulder=2 Pushing/PuIling=2 Standing/Walking=3

Sitting-1 Lifting-

10-35 lbs. = 3

36-70 lbs. =2

71-100 lbs. =2

The criteria for bending/stooping, pushing/pulling and standing/walking must be met to be employed because they are essential functions and elements of the job.

Preferred: Previous experience in geriatric.

Major responsibilities:

Essential functions

  • Resident Rights
    • Know the residents’ rights. Help the residents exercise and/or protect their rights.
    • Become knowledgeable of residents’ choices and follow those choices accordingly.
    • Report residents’ concerns to the RSD or Supervisor.
    • Maintain confidentiality of resident information.
    • Provide support for all residents to help them adjust to their disabilities.
    • Preserve the dignity and comfort of the dying. 4• Resident Independence
    • Assist and encourage resident to be independent in areas of activities of daily living.
    • Assist and encourage residents to be active for reasonable periods of time as permitted.
  • Infection Control (Utilize proper infection control procedures and universal precautions)
  • Practice proper hand washing technique.
  • Handle clean and dirty linens properly, without contamination.
  • Follow universal precautions procedures: use protective equipment and properly dispose of contaminated wastes.
  • Environment and safety (assure a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the resident.)
  • Ensure pendants are in use.
  • Place call lights within reach of residents and answer call lights promptly.
  • Demonstrate proper use of equipment. Report equipment needs or repairs immediately.
  • Clean equipment and utility areas as assigned.
  • Observe proper ventilation, temperature, light and noise level for day and night activities.
  • Report any incidents or accidents to the RSD or Supervisor.
  • Keep the resident living area neat and orderly; personal care items stored properly, clothing hung in closets or placed in soiled bins as appropriate.
  • Assist in fire control and resident evacuation during fire or disaster emergencies.
  • CPR
  • After Receiving CPR training, must be able to be a first responder in a medical emergency; e.g. initiate and continue CPR until emergency help arrives.
  • Observations and Reporting
  • Report at beginning and end of each shift.
  • Perform and document resident care activities according to written and verbal instructions from the RSD or supervisor.
  • Coordinate work assignment with other resident activities such as therapy, doctor appointments, activities, etc.
  • Observe residents for changes in behavior or condition and report all pertinent information to the RSD or supervisor


  • Hospitality and Dignity
  • Maintain friendly, helpful attitude toward residents, their families, staff, volunteers and visitors.
  • Maintain a consistent attendance record to ensure proper resident care. Orientation and In-service Education
  • Participate in required orientation and in-service programs and attend staff meetings as requested.
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Adherence to all facility policies and procedures.
  • Other Duties Report needs for personal belongings to appropriate persons.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and consistent with level of preparation and experience
  • Wash personal laundry for residents as indicated



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