OpenText Software Implementation Consultant

Computer Consultants International, Inc - Olympia, WA

Posted: 11/16/2019

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OpenText Software Implementation Consultant(Job ID:OFM 18-1800)

  • Olympia West Avenue, Olympia, WA 98506, USA

  • Full-time

Company Description

Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) is an IT Consulting Firm with more than 18 years experience providing effective, expert-level services in industries such as Construction, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and Government. CCI focuses on building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery. People are CCI's key component for success. Recruiting utmost-quality individuals for our clients, CCI fields a workforce of individuals who are selected not only because of their technical qualifications but also for their achievements as substantial, contributing human beings. In government work and in the commercial market, high standards of ethics and accountability are critical. Therefore our people are chosen for their integrity and ability to maintain relationships, as well as expertise in their field. To learn more about CCI, visit us online at

Job Description

CCI has a Client who is a Candidate to provide technical consulting services to implement the Pilot using OpenTexts Content Suite software. Candidate shall have OpenText experience installing, configuring, integrating, migrating data, and do all things necessary in the performance of this Contract.


The objectives and goals of an implemented ECM are to:

  • Increase efficiency and improve redaction capabilities around public disclosure and litigation hold searches;

  • Decrease storage costs, improve statutory compliance and reduce liability associated with proper timely records retention and disposition actions;

  • Promote increased document security and management;

  • Streamline process workflows and document approvals through automation and online approvals;

  • Improve document version management; and,

  • Improve employee performance and customer satisfaction through quicker access to information, reduced duplication and increased transparency.

The scope of this Pilot project is to:

  • Install, configure and implement an ECM environment hosted at Clients State data center

  • Pilot the solution with two Client business units (up to 25 users and their data)

  • Migrate data from network file shares

  • Implement a select number of workflow and reports

  • Train technical and business staff how to use the tools (train the trainer)

  • Document configurations and knowledge transfer

OpenText Products:

  • Content Suite Version 16.4

  • Brava! For Content Suite

  • Brava! add-on for Content Suite Docs only (publishing & redaction)

  • Content Intelligence - Dashboard

  • Object Importer

  • Enterprise Scan (not implementing Capture Center with OCR)

OpenText Software Installation:

  • Infrastructure has been established and hosted in Clients State Data Center (private cloud)

  • Install, configure, and integrate OpenText software (listed above) in one development and one production environment; using on premise virtual Windows 2016 servers.

  • Up to 25 users will be implemented in the Pilot. However, the configurations needs to be scalable for the rest of the agency. At the end of the Pilot, a Go or No-Go decision will be made to include up to 400 users and their associated data.

Functionality and Output:

  • Data migration for network file share documents

  • Records Management design and configuration

  • Functionality configuration which scales for future migration of Agency

  • Define permissions (document, user access, security administration, etc.)

  • Scan documents using Enterprise Scan (no OCR in this phase)

  • View, access, search documents

  • Metadata creation

  • Scripts to enable integration, metadata automation, etc.

  • Dashboard creation

  • Reports up to 6

  • Workflows up to 4 (Disposition Report Process, Public Records Request Process, Training Request Process)

  • Knowledge transfer to end-user staff and technical configurators, train the trainer

  • Technical documentation of configuration implemented

  • Functional and technical design using out of the box capabilities

Pilot Data Migration:

  • Import using Object Importer select network file share folders, demonstrate how to and develop methods allowing for Agency to learn and continue importing folders

  • Approximately 90,000 documents or 100 GB of data (two pilot user groups) stored on network file share

  • All File types that are defined for ingestion by OpenText software


  • Describe previous experience implementing OpenText products and number of years. Name specific components and describe complexity of implementation.

  • Has you implemented Content Suite Version 16? Describe project and who it was for.

  • Describe your experience implementing BRAVA functionality.

  • Describe your experience implementing Content Intelligence.

  • Describe problems youve encountering using Object Importer.

  • Describe the various ways to install Enterprise Scan. What part of this installation is the most complex?

  • Describe your methods for performing data migration of network file shares.

  • Describe how you gather information to understand a customers retention schedules to manage records.

  • Describe several scripts youve created to enable integration or automation.

  • Describe your method for defining complex workflows.

  • Describe how you manage multiple user groups in order to keep consistency throughout the product implementation.

  • Describe what type of knowledge transfer you provide for the system administrator.

  • Describe how you teach users (hands-on) to perform configurations, creating automated scripts, build workflows, etc., using OpenText tools.

  • Describe your strategy to link Clients business requirements via workshops, meetings, or other to the configuration specifications of the software.

  • Candidate must have experience with implementing at least one project using OpenText Content Suite in the last three (3) years

Additional Information

For immediate consideration, please send your resume to hire(at) with "OpenText Software Implementation Consultant(Job ID:OFM 18-1800)"WA as the subject line.

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